Confederation of European Shipmasters' Associations"



CESMA was founded in 1995 and represents fifteen   shipmasters’ associations, as well as a number of individual members, in twelve European Union and future EU countries.

The aims are to represent EU shipmasters at the European Commission and have their opinion heard in the European Parliament.


CESMA has emerged as stakeholder in the EU maritime industry. Matters concerning maritime safety, the marine environment and maritime education and training, with particular reference to safeguarding the competence of EU seafarers, has already been brought to the attention of the EU Commission.   The Confederation was and is represented in a number of European Commission programmes such as METNET,EMRF, MARNIS and SAGMAS and is involved in the Quality Shipping Industry Charter and the Planning Group of the EU Maritime Industries Forum. (Framework Program no. 6)


Apart from studying and presenting operational problems of the EU shipping industry, CESMA also provides consultancy and advice on practical aspects of shipping.

The Secretariat of the organisation, which is fully independent and operates on a honorary basis, is located in The Netherlands, Amsterdam at the premises of the Royal College Zeemanshoop.

CESMA has branch offices at twelve other locations in the EU.




• To work in the interest of EU shipmasters and to promote high professional maritime standards,
• To improve maritime safety,
• To protect the marine environment,
• To inform the public in the EU about problems in the European maritime industry,
• To cooperate with other international maritime organisations,

• To retain and develop the highest maritime knowledge and experience in Europe,

• To be involved in research on maritime matters, if applicable in cooperation with other European institutions and organisations.

to assist colleague shipmasters who encounter difficulties in ports within the reach of nations represented by CESMA member associations


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